After this Fabulous Weekend I need a Skin Treatment

What a weekend! After so many days we went for a weekend. I am Manisha and I am a doctor; my husband Avishek, he is a software engineer. For our profession we are so busy; and most of the time we can’t go for any weekend because of my duty. I am a doctor for that reason I hold many responsibility in my hand. He is very understanding and he never complains about that. Because from the first day he knew that I love my profession not for money. I want to help everybody, who has no ability to afford the hospital big amount. That’s why I choose government hospital, but that time I have the option for choosing any private nursing home. I think he loves me because of my personality. He is well established and very free minded. He is in software; sometimes he is also very busy. Sometimes we can’t see each other during two or three days. But we managed everything because we love each other and we have hard trust to each other. Because of that we have no misunderstandings.

kosmoderma (5)

You can understand that how busy we are and how much we love our profession. That’s why we planned so many times for a weekend or tour; but it was not possible. Sometimes I was so busy and sometimes he was so busy. Actually our profession didn’t give us any break and you can say that we do not want to give any break to our profession. So last week we decided that we had to go for a break. Because our relationship is going through very busy schedule and it’s needed a time for each other; we wanted to spend time to each other. So we decided that we would go to Goa to spend our weekend. Goa is one of the most favorite places of me and because of I love this place he decided to go Goa. I am so lucky that he is my better half; he is always treating as friendly with me. He helped me every time to manage everything.

Then we made a plan and went out for Goa. He booked everything; we went there so many times so we have no problem to book hotels and anything. I was very happy to go there because after so many days I went for any weekend with my lovable husband. We went to a hotel at evening and this was a lovely hotel. He booked the room from where we can saw the sea view. To saw this I was feeling great. We just took a bath and finished our dinner. We just sat in the outside of our room and took a drink. I was thinking after so many days I got time that I could spend time with my hubby. During took our drink we had to share so many things to each other. We were sharing our difficulties of our profession, our interests and so many things. If anybody could stop the time on this moment, so I would be so happy. When we reach to there we thought that we got our heaven. Because we did not plan for anything, so we could do anything that we wanted. Next day we went to beach and spent a lot of time. We went for two days only so we had done everything that we could.

kosmoderma (11)

Today I came back from this weekend. I felt amazing; I am thankful to him because he made this plan and I can remove my stress. Now I am feeling fresh. But I need a skin treatment because when I come back from sea side, my face is looking dull. And also from so many days I am not doing anything for my face. So I think I should take a skin treatment. I love my skin so much like my profession. I have to find the best skin clinic for my skin. He is also very concern about my face and my skin. Always I am taking parlour treatment but I think now I should go to a skin clinic to check up with the best dermatologist in Chennai. After this weekend my skin is looking black; and there have some rashes so I have to go. But this weekend was fabulous.


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